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Death in Hospital


When someone passes away in hospital, you may contact us so that we can talk through your wishes
and start any necessary funeral arrangements. 

If your loved one passes away in Hospital, the nominated next of kin will be informed promptly by one of the ward staff who was caring for your loved one.

They will also pass you over into the care of the Hospitals Bereavement team who will support you and offer advice on Registration, they will also ask you wether your loved one is to be buried or cremated, as well as ensuring that the Doctor that last carried for your loved one completes all relevant paperwork and documentation.

Once this has happened and all paperwork is complete they will advise you to contact a Funeral Director. Once contacted we will make all necessary arrangements to bring your loved one into our care as quickly as possible where they will
rest in our private chapels.

If your loved one had possessions with them in hospital and the Bereavement Team have not arranged top return these directly we will do so, anything of significant monetary value will be kept in our safe where we will then return in to you.

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