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Death Abroad


When a loved one dies abroad it adds even more stress and confusion to an already difficult and
distressing time. The below guide is our attempt to provide some much needed clarification to help
you through the process.

We are experienced in this process and we are on hand to help you personally at a moments notice.

If you were on holiday together with your loved one when they passed away we would suggest contacting the local authorities and requesting either a doctor or paramedics. If this proves difficult contact the British Embassy in your country and explain the situation, they will be able to liaise between you and the local authorities.

In incidences where you are not with your loved one, you will be contacted by the British Embassy in the country where your loved one passed away and they will once again advise, support and liaise between your self and the in country local authority.

Much like here in the UK you will have to register the death of your loved one at your earliest convenience, the Embassy staff will advice you on how to do this and once again offer to liaise between both of you, you must also register the passing with the Foreign Office in the UK.

The most important part of losing someone abroad is ensuring they are repatriated home as quickly as possible, if you would like the Funeral Service to be conducted in the UK.

The process is as follows:

  • Inform the British Embassy of your intent to repatriate your loved one home.
  • With the Death Certificate from the country your loved one died in you will need to pass this to the Coroner in your local area.
  • You will then need to contact your loved ones travel insurance provider, they will arrange for your loved one to be brought to ourselves.

It is possible however to hold the Funeral Service in the country your loved one passed away in, if this is the wishes of your loved one then you will have to contact a Funeral Director in the area to carry out the Funeral Service.

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