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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I visit the chapel of rest?

Once the necessary forms are complete and the coffin is prepared, you are welcome to visit the chapel of rest at any time, there is no limit on the amount of time you can spend with your loved one in the Chapel and you can of course visit as many times as you wish.

Please contact us on 01823 272183 to arrange a date and time.

What do I do about jewellery?

If you have not made prior arrangements with your Funeral Director regarding the jewellery of your loved one the following applies: If we are to remove jewellery from the person who has died, it will be kept in our safe awaiting your collection, If the jewellery has not been collected by the time the funeral takes place we will return it to you at your convenience in the days following.

When can I collect the cremated remains?

Upon competition of the Funeral Service, your funeral director will be able to advise as to the time it will take for E White & Son to receive the cremated remains of your loved one. We can deliver the cremated remains of your loved one to your door personally or we can arrange for you to collect your loved one from our premiss once you have arranged a time with one of our staff members. If the person who collects the cremated remains is not the person who arranged the funeral then we will need either a letter to confirm that we can hand the remains to that person.

What items can I place in the coffin?

If your loved one is to be buried then you can place almost anything in the coffin. If your loved one is to be cremated there are rules regarding items placed in coffins. As a general guide watches with batteries, glass, leather or rubber are not allowed. Photographs, cards and letters are welcomed. If you are in any doubt about the items you wish to place in the coffin please don’t hesitate to call us.

How long is a funeral service?

This depends on the type of funeral service you have decided upon with the help of one of our funeral directors. On the day of the funeral your dedicated funeral director will be in constant contact with you and will guide you through the funeral and be on hand to give assistance should it be needed. As a guide, most funeral services which are held at the crematorium last about 20 minutes. This will vary if there has been a service elsewhere first.

What happens to the donations?

Donations can be sent care of E White & Son, if you would rather they can be sent to another nominated person or direct to the charity if you wish. We will then send the money received to the specified charity. We will also send details of the donations received to the person who has arranged the funeral, outlining how much was donated.

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