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Traditional Funeral Service


Reverence and Grace

Our Traditional Service with Contemporary Flourishes blends the timeless elegance of classic customs with the gentle grace of today, crafting a farewell that resonates with history while embracing the present.

For over 118 years, E White & Son Funeral Directors has stood as a pillar of support in Taunton, guiding families through difficult times with compassion and unwavering dedication. We understand that no two lives are alike, and saying goodbye should be a reflection of the unique spirit that graced this world.

A traditional service where the polished veneered oak of a “Conway” coffin blends seamlessly with a personalised photo tribute. The echoes of hymns intertwine with a favourite song, capturing the essence of a life well-lived. This is our Traditional Service with Contemporary Flourishes, a tribute that honours cherished customs with the gentle touch of today.

In the sections below, you’ll discover the elements that make this service unique, from the dignified care in our Chapel of Rest to the technology that bridges distances and connects hearts.

This is just a glimpse into the service, their are many other arrangements and aspects we can provide and help with, which, intern will give us a service that truly reflects your loved one’s life and brings comfort and solace to your family in this difficult time.

This is just a starting point. We invite you to contact us to discuss your loved ones specific needs and and your thoughts and ideas on how to truly celebrate their life. Together, we shall create a farewell that bridges time and legacy, honouring tradition while embracing the present, as we celebrate the extraordinary life of your loved one.

An E White & Son Traditional Burial or Cremation Funeral Service provides the following:

An initial meeting with you to attend to all relevant and legal paperwork, to discuss all options and aspects of the funeral arrangements.

We ensure your loved one’s transition to our Chapel of Rest is marked by reverence and utmost care. Our dedicated team performs first offices with meticulous attention to detail, respecting your faith and beliefs.

Solace in the Chapel of Rest: We offer you a haven of peace, bathed in soft light and hushed tones, where you can connect with your loved one, surrounded by cherished memories and the comfort of time-honored practices. Whether you choose a private moment of reflection or a gathering to say goodbye, we honour your preferences regarding viewing your loved one.

The “Conway” Oak Veneered Coffin: A symbol of enduring respect, this traditional raised panel coffin is adorned with fixtures and fittings and a personalised engraved nameplate. Its interior, lined and frilled, offers comfort and dignity.

Your loved one’s final journey begins from a place of your choosing, conveyed with elegance and grace in a stately Jaguar Hearse, you will be with your loved one every step of the way following behind in a matching jaguar limousine with a dedicated chauffeur ensuring a seamless transition to the service. As they reach their final destination, your loved one is accompanied by your dedicated funeral director, a final act of respect and care as he or she guides your love one to their final resting place.

Throughout the day, your funeral director remains beside you, ensuring everything runs smoothly and your wishes are meticulously fulfilled.

The funeral service blends classic elements, such as eulogies and hymns, with contemporary flourishes like personalised music playlists or slideshows, creating a tapestry of memories that celebrates your loved one’s unique spirit.

Technology as a Bridge: We seamlessly integrate technology to enhance the service, allowing for virtual participation or live streaming, connecting loved ones near and far in this time of shared grief.

Your preferred minister will officiate the service, creating a meaningful spiritual dimension. The Traditional funeral service blends classic elements, such as eulogies and readings that your preferred minister will aid you in creating, with contemporary flourishes like personalised music playlists or slideshows, creating a tapestry of memories that celebrates your loved one’s unique spirit.

If your loved one had an express wish for cremation then we can book and arrange a 40-Minute Chapel Service and subsequent cremation, The cremation takes place at the reputable Taunton Crematorium, ensuring respectful care.

Should your loved one have decided on a particular resting place, we can arrange a dignified burial in a cemetery, complete with all necessary preparations.

Church Service and Technology Integration (if opting for Burial at Church): We transform the church into a space of remembrance, utilising live streaming, photo tributes on screens inside and outside, and amplified music to resonate both within and beyond the church walls. We prepare the grave space, handle all necessary paperwork with the church members, and assist the clergy in any way needed.

We place a dignified obituary in the local Somerset County Gazette, informing loved ones of the bereavement and when the service will be, We design, print, and bind a personalized four-page order of service, capturing cherished memories (100 copies included). We also create a touching photo tribute, blending images of your loved one with their favorite music, adding a personal touch.

Your Funeral Directors attendance and a professional team to support you on the day of the service and ensure your loved ones service is conducted in keeping to the 118 year standard we have held. A list of mourners would be taken to inform you of mourners, friends and family that attended the service.

Fees & Disbursements

£2,545.00 – Funeral Directors Fee’s

Including Conveyance of the deceased, the performing of first offices and care of the deceased, the provision of our chapels of rest where your loved one will rest while in our care, a traditional oak veneered coffin, the provision of a hearse and limousine to convey your loved from an address you have given us to the crematorium on the day of the service, our professional fee’s to guide you through the process of arranging a funeral service, all paperwork and admin costs, a professional team throughout the process and on the day of the service that will also take a list of mourner’s, unlimited communication with your dedicated funeral director.

£1,690.00 – Disbursements

Including Cremation Certificate, Officiant Fee’s, Chapel Service and Cremation and Taunton Crematorium, 100 orders of service, Somerset County Gazette announcement and a photo tribute. – For prices of technology that can be placed in church and church fee’s please contact us.

Key Points:

We believe that farewell can be a space where sorrow mingles with strength, where cherished memories weave through shared stories. Our Traditional Service with Contemporary Flourishes fosters both, allowing you and your family to grieve with warmth, celebrate with love, and navigate this difficult time with unwavering support and guidance.

This overview is just a starting point. We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs and desires. Together, we can craft a farewell that transcends time, honours heritage, and celebrates the extraordinary life of your loved one.

Please note: This is an overview, and additional options, such as music, readings, or other personalisation elements, may be available. We are happy to discuss these options with you in more detail.