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Contempary Cremation Service


Heritage and Modernity

Saying goodbye to a loved one is a time filled with emotions and the need for both comfort and support. At E White and Son, we understand that honouring tradition doesn’t preclude embracing the modern.

That’s why we offer our Contemporary Cremation Service: a carefully curated blend of classic elements and contemporary touches, designed to celebrate life and legacy in a way that feels genuine and personal. The funeral service itself is a thoughtful blend of classic elements and contemporary flourishes, tailored to your preferences and your loved one’s story. We seamlessly integrate technology to enhance the service, allowing for virtual participation or online tributes, connecting loved ones near and far in this time of shared grief.

This service allows you to do just that, weaving together elements like the dignified care of our Chapel of Rest and the elegance of a Jaguar Hearse with personal touches like a photo tribute showcasing your loved one’s life and a carefully crafted order of service capturing their spirit. allowing you and your family to mourn with warmth, celebrate with cherished memories, and navigate this difficult time.

In the sections below, you’ll find the details of what this service offers, from respectful conveyance and dedicated support to a personalised funeral service and dignified cremation.

This is just a glimpse into the service, their are many other arrangements and aspects we can provide and help with, which, intern will give us a service that truly reflects your loved one’s life and brings comfort and solace to your family in this difficult time.

This is just a starting point. We invite you to contact us to discuss your loved ones specific needs and and your thoughts and ideas on how to truly celebrate their life. Together, we shall create a farewell that bridges time and legacy, honouring tradition while embracing the present, as we celebrate the extraordinary life of your loved one.

An E White & Son Contemporary Funeral Service provides the following:

An initial meeting with you to attend to all relevant and legal paperwork, to discuss all options and aspects of the funeral arrangements.

Conveying your loved one: We will respectfully collect your loved one from the place of passing and ensure their safe transfer to our care.

First offices & Chapel of Rest: Our dedicated team will perform the necessary first offices, we feel it appropriate that those in our care are respected down to the small details and therefore we have both male and female staff that are able to dress and look after your loved one. We also provide a serene Chapel of Rest for you to spend time with your loved one, if desired.

Viewing: Whether you choose to say goodbye privately or with family and friends, we respect your wishes and offer the opportunity to view your loved one in our chapel

Conway Oak Veneered Coffin: We provide a beautiful and traditional “Conway” veneered oak coffin, complete with fixtures, fittings, and an engraved nameplate. Its interior is lined and frilled for added comfort and respect.

A Jaguar Hearse conveys your loved one to the crematorium, its classic lines exuding elegance and dignity. As they approach the crematorium’s entrance, your loved one is escorted by your designated funeral director, adding a personal touch to this final passage.

Funeral Service: Our experienced funeral director will officiate a simple and sincere funeral service, tailored to your wishes and your loved one’s life.

Floral Tribute: We will provide a small bunch of flowers, adding a touch of beauty and personalisation to the service.

Dedicated Support: Your dedicated funeral director will be present throughout the day, ensuring everything runs smoothly and your needs are met. They will guide you through the process and address any questions or concerns you may have.

We will provide you with care and support where needed and an indefinite number of visits, phone calls and emails to discuss any aspect of your loved ones funeral.

Your Funeral Directors attendance and a professional team to support you on the day of the service and ensure your loved ones service is conducted in keeping to the 118 year standard we have held.

Somerset County Gazette Announcement: We place a dignified obituary in the local Somerset County Gazette, informing loved ones.

Order of Service: We design, print, and bind a personalized four-page order of service, capturing cherished memories (50 copies included).

Photo Tribute with Music: We create a touching photo tribute, blending images of your loved one with their favorite music, adding a personal touch.

Fees & Disbursements

£2,155.00 – Funeral Directors Fee’s

Including Conveyance of the deceased, the performing of first offices and care of the deceased, the provision of our chapels of rest where your loved one will rest while in our care, a traditional oak veneered coffin, the provision of a hearse to convey your loved one direct to the crematorium on the day of the service, our professional fee’s to guide you through the process of arranging a funeral service, all paperwork and admin costs, a professional team throughout the process and on the day of the service, unlimited communication with your dedicated funeral director.

£1,615.00 – Disbursements

Including Cremation Certificate, Officiant Fee’s, Chapel Service and Cremation and Taunton Crematorium, 50 orders of service, Somerset County Gazette announcement and a photo tribute.

Key Points:

Modern Touches: Personalised music, photo tributes, and technology integration elevate the service.

This service bridges tradition and modernity, creating a meaningful farewell that reflects your loved one’s life and offers comfort and support to your family.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and personalise the service to honour your loved one in a truly special way.

Please note: This is an overview, and additional options, such as music, readings, or other personalisation elements, may be available. We are happy to discuss these options with you in more detail.