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What We Do


We well know that the last thing you wish to do when losing a loved one is to sit down a meticulously plan their funeral service, navigating both the bureaucracy involved and the many intricacies of the parties involved in a funeral service.

Our Funeral Directors are able to assist with these things and much much more.

All of our staff are trained Funeral Directors, the Funeral Director that answers you initially will be the same Funeral Director to visit you and plan the Funeral Service and also be present on the day of the Service to ensure the Service goes as planned.

What does a Funeral Director do?

The role of a Funeral Director is broad and diverse, they are their to provide support, advice and assistance to a family in their time of need. They visit, sit and listen to the families who have entrusted their loved one into our care, they guide families through the many decisions they have to make and facilitate any and all requests.

Our Funeral Directors ensure all administration and paperwork is completed and personally take care of the person who has past away before delivering a service that is befitting of their life.

How can a Funeral Director Help?

Our Funeral Director will sit with you and go through every detail of your loved ones funeral service as we know it is the little things that matter. They will determine the date, time and place of the service and take into account wether your loved one wished for a burial of cremations service. You can of course make these arrangements yourself but your dedicated Funeral Director can do this if you so wish.

What will they do during the Service?

Our Funeral Director will arrive at either the predetermined starting location or the funeral venue, they will then walk in front of the hearse to guide your loved one on the closing moments of their final journey, they will then spend time with you and your family to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible before the service starts, they will then oversee the staff that are present to ensure they are in the correct place, check all music or video is ready for the service and finally ensure that there is nothing that has been missed and all of your loved ones wishes are in place.

They will then pay their own respects to your loved one who has been in their safe and respectful care.

What requests can I make?

There is nothing you cannot ask your Funeral Director, there is no questioned we have not been asked and certainly no request that we cannot honour. We will always act in your loved ones best wishes and your families, wether that being your advocate with the relevant Bureaucratic agencies or in difficult family situations. Their advice is always impartial and anything discussed with them will always remain confidential.

Aiding families in times of need for over 100 years